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Kick and splash!

Enjoying your baby... swimmingly

Our carefully structured swimming classes are especially designed for you and your baby to have fun whilst teaching your little one important water confidence & safety skills

Just loving it!

Developing skills... swimmingly

Our Swim Academy programme is designed to help children become confident, graceful swimmers, whether or not they have already been to our baby and pre-school classes

Nurturing your bump

Preparing for birth... swimmingly

Our relaxing Aquanatal classes help expectant mums get their bodies ready for the arrival of a new life.

Living life... swimmingly

If you love Puddle Ducks, want a fabulous job and that dream work-life balance, owning your own franchise could be the answer.

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Thursday’s Floaties swimming lessons are the highlight of our week. We are 5 lessons in and already I can see Alex is more confident in the water (and I feel so much more confident handling him too!). I highly recommend it to any new Mum! They grow so quickly, this is prime mummy and baby bonding time, not to be missed.

Carol, Mum to baby Alex

I have been swimming with Amelie, who has mild Cerebral Palsy, since she was 5 months old. The teachers are amazing, they have never let her disability get in the way of her swimming development and always encourage her with great enthusiasm... I would say to parents with a child with a disability to give Puddle Ducks a try, you get so much enjoyment and fun from it.

Anna Coombes with Amelie age 2

Having come from Australia, where every child is taught to swim before they can walk, I have pretty high expectations from a swim school. After pulling my child out of two other schools, I have finally found Puddle Ducks. Every expectation has been exceeded. My kids are engaged, they feel more confident in the water and most importantly, they are actually learning HOW to swim

Monique Robin with Abby (3 yrs) and Caleb (4 yrs 7 months)

I really enjoyed my Puddle Ducks Aquanatal classes. It was a chance to relax to in the water, take the weight of my feet and exercise at the same time. I really looked forward to my Sunday night classes. I can’t wait to get back in the water again now Jessica has arrived. I would definitely do them again next time around and would really recommend them to my pregnant friends

Rhianon Jones, new Mum to Jessica

It's reassuring to know that our lesson plans are are written by one of the UK’s leading baby swimming experts. Some of the achievements I have shared with my customers have brought me to tears and left me smiling from ear to ear for days - I couldn’t have been prouder of those children if they had been my own. That's job satisfaction on a level I had never experienced before.

Donna Taylor, franchisee in South Leicestershire

I am over the moon, Puddle Ducks is without a doubt the best swimming experience we have had as a family and this is a credit to the wonderful teachers and the innovative, fun swimming programme. The old saying remains true – “you get what you pay for”. I won’t be going anywhere else for my children’s swimming lesssons

Rhian Lindley with Isabelle (age 5), Daniel and Abigail (twins age 2)

The aqua natal classes are great. I know the exercises are safe and designed specifically for pregnancy. I really enjoy the relaxation element of the class and always have my best night's sleep of the week afterwards! The groups are quite small, which makes it perfect for getting to know other pregnant women and share experiences with them.

Laura Nield

Wow! The teacher training has helped me so much! I can now really appreciate the hard work, care, attention, and brilliant analysis you have contributed to the various programmes. Your delivery of the training was superb and incredibly passionate. I know I have had the best possible beginning to my Puddle Ducks teaching career

Louise Knight, franchisee in West Sussex

Oliver and I continue to thoroughly enjoy our Puddle Ducks classes. As his language skills develop I get a running commentary! He grins ear to ear, looked thoroughly chuffed with himself and tells me; ’kick kick’, ‘blow bubbles’, ‘quack quack’ and ‘swim bar’. Thank-you for all your hard work and continuing to play a significant part in Oliver’s growth and development

Eleanor Lees-Jones with Oliver (age 2)

When my son started Puddle Ducks, he could swim but wouldn't put his face in the water or jump in. His confidence soared - within half a term he had his 10m award and mastered many swimming techniques! I would highly recommend these classes to any parents wanting their child to learn in a fun but structured environment which engages children from the second they get in the water until the second they get out!

Louise Buck with Drew (5 years 5 months)