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Swim Academy

Join the Puddle Ducks Swim Academy

The Puddle Ducks Swim Academy is suitable for children aged 4 to 10 years old, and is the natural progression from our Baby & Pre-school classes.

There are four levels, each designed to teach your child the basics of swimming, develop confidence and improve their technique.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Elite Swim Academy - Development
  • Elite Swim Academy - Advanced

What do children learn at our Swim Academy?

We teach a natural and smooth swimming style, starting with simple skills that we build gradually along with your child's physical ability and confidence. These are balanced with fun activities that develop various skills, such as life-saving, floating and surface-diving.

Children are grouped by skill, not age

Whether your child has swam in our Baby & Pre-school classes, or has only ever experienced the water with the family, we'll have a class that's just right for their ability. 

Choose the right swimming class for your child

If you are unsure which level is most suitable for your child or you feel they would suit Development or Advanced classes, please call your local office, where a friendly member of staff will be happy to advise you.

In the Puddle Ducks Swim Academy children are grouped by skill, not age, into the following four levels:

  • Beginners

    Ideal for new swimmers or children progressing from Little Dippers, Dippers or Dabblers.

    In Beginners, we help your child with water confidence and introduce basic skills to enable them to move independently and confidently through the water. Personal survival and lifesaving skills are also a core feature in the lesson plans.

  • Intermediate

    Ideal for swimmers joining from other schools, and who are already confident swimming 10m unaided.

    This class is perfect for children progressing from Beginners (or even from the Dippers and Dabblers classes in our Baby & Pre-School programme), or for children joining from other swim schools who can independently swim 10m on their front with a recognised breathing technique (face in the water), and at least 5m unaided on their back.

    In this class your child will learn alignment, water skills and the fundamentals of stroke technique.

  • Elite Swim Academy - Development

    Part of our Elite Swim Academy, and for children progressing from Intermediate, the Development stage builds on the skills learned in Intermediate classes and develops good stroke technique and stamina.

    Elite Swim Academy - Development
  • Elite Swim Academy - Advanced

    For children progressing from Development classes, Advanced sees further development of stamina and graceful, efficient swimming. Children often progress from our Elite Swim Academy Advanced classes to swim competitively in clubs.

    Elite Swim Academy - Advanced

What Our Customers Think

When my son started Puddle Ducks, he could swim but wouldn't put his face in the water or jump in. His confidence soared - within half a term he had his 10m award and mastered many swimming techniques! I would highly recommend these classes to any parents wanting their child to learn in a fun but structured environment which engages children from the second they get in the water until the second they get out! - Louise Buck with Drew (5 years 5 months)

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