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  • Drown Proofing Report

    Drown Proofing Report

    The baby swimming industry speaks out

    All the major UK bodies involved in baby swimming have come together to speak out and warn parents about the dangers of ‘survival’ methods being taught to young infants.

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  • Puddle Ducks Enter Scotland

    Puddle Ducks Enter Scotland

    Carolyn Sharpe is bringing the Puddle Ducks difference to South East Scotland.

    Starting in four pools in Edinburgh from 29th April, the Puddle Ducks South East Scotland franchise is being run by Carolyn Sharpe, who is also the owner of the Puddle Ducks North East franchise.

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  • Should I give my baby or toddler swimming goggles?

    Should I give my baby or toddler swimming goggles?

    Has your little one asked for some goggles but you don’t know if they’re old enough?

    “I started off going to baby swimming classes, and we both loved it! Suddenly, my baby swimmer has become a little toddler, a little wilful, and seems far less happy to put his face in the water. Should I buy him some goggles?”

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  • Puddle Ducks Expansion

    Puddle Ducks Expansion

    The launch of new lunar franchise paves the way for celestial swimming

    Puddle Ducks are very pleased to announce that they are bringing swimming lessons to the Moon.

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