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Courtesy Classes

What happens if I can't attend my class?

We know how important it is that your child attends as many of their classes as possible. Our Courtesy Classes are designed so that you have plenty of opportunity to make up for a missed class at an alternative time that's convenient for you. 

How do I get a Courtesy Class voucher?

In order to generate a Courtesy Class voucher, simply log in to your online My Puddle Ducks account anytime before the start of your regular class and head over to the 'Overview' page or the 'My Children' page. Then, just click the blue 'Let us know you can't attend' button and follow the instructions.

By letting us know you can't attend, other customers will be able to use one of their Courtesy Classes in your place, meaning more opportunity and availability for all! 

I want to use my voucher to book a Courtesy Class!

Log in to your account and click 'Book a Courtesy Class' next to your child's name. This will bring up all of the classes with availability across the next six days. You can book a Courtesy Class up to one hour before it's due to start. Don't forget, availability is live, and throughout the week a space in your favourite Courtesy Classes could become available if the regular children in that class are unable to make it, so check back often to see if a space becomes free.

Terms & Conditions:

  • If you know you are unable to attend a lesson please let us know, as soon as possible, either through your ‘My Puddle Ducks’ online account or by telephoning your local Puddle Ducks office. As a goodwill gesture, we will add the option for you to book a ‘Courtesy Class’ through your ‘My Puddle Ducks’ online account or over the phone with your local office. A ‘Courtesy Class’ is an alternative lesson to your normal lesson on a different day or time or at a different pool, subject to availability. Please
    note that you could be swimming more than once per week.
  • Letting us know you can’t attend with as much notice as possible frees up your space for someone else to book a Courtesy Class – it means the system works for everyone.
  • Your lesson payment has reserved your place just for you and if you miss a lesson for any reason we are unable to refund you. ‘Courtesy Classes’ are a goodwill gesture by us (Puddle Ducks) and are subject to availability. They have no cash value and no replacements or alternatives can be offered.
  • If, having let us know you are unable to attend your normal lesson, your circumstances change and you are, in fact, able to attend the lesson, you must speak to your local Puddle Ducks office in case another customer has booked a ‘Courtesy Class’ in your space. Please do not just turn up to your normal lesson as, if the lesson is full, you and/or your child will not be able to enter the pool for insurance reasons.
  • Please note that 'Courtesy Classes’ CANNOT be added on to the end of a block of lessons. They can only be taken by current paying customers and cannot be used to extend the original time period of
    your paid-for lessons.
  • ‘Courtesy Class’ bookings can be made a maximum of 6 days in advanceand up to 1 hour before the ‘Courtesy Class’ is due to take place. Bookings can be made through your ‘My Puddle Ducks’ online account or over the phone with your local office. A list of available lessons with spaces for that
    day and the next 6 days will be offered to you. There is no guarantee that there will be available lessons with spaces though. Please keep checking back as space in a lesson can vary up to 1 hour before the lesson takes place. You will receive a confirmation email once your booking has been made.
  • If you book a ‘Courtesy Class’ with less than 24 hours to go before the lesson is due to take place you will receive a confirmation text and email. Please show a print-out of the email, or the text/email on your phone*, to either the teacher before entering the pool, to the poolside assistant, if
    present and/or to the pool operator (if you are attending a pool where they register your arrival on site). This is because your Teacher may have already printed their register and they need to know it’s OK for you to attend the lesson before you enter the pool. This is to ensure that your details are added to our register for health and safety purposes.
  • *Puddle Ducks cannot accept any responsibility for the safety of mobile phones brought poolside.
  •  ‘Courtesy Class’ bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance of the lesson taking place through your ‘My Puddle Ducks’ online account. In this instance the ‘Courtesy Class’ option will be re-added to your account with the same expiry date as the original and can be booked again in the normal way.
  • If you are unable to cancel a ‘Courtesy Class’ booking more than 24 hours in advance and then fail to attend the booked ‘Courtesy Class’ no replacement or alternatives will be offered.
  • If you and/or your child have any health condition that affects you or your child’s capabilities in the swimming pool, you must inform the teacher upon arrival at the ‘Courtesy Class’. If this is not your regular teacher they will not be familiar with your personal situation and if you book the ‘Courtesy Class’ last minute, they may not have had chance to read your notes before the lesson. You must accept that you may not be able to partake in all the activities in the lesson.
  • If you are unable to book a ‘Courtesy Class’, either because there is no availability/space or because you don’t have the flexibility to travel to alternative pools available, no replacements or alternatives will be offered.
  • ‘Courtesy Classes’ can only be taken within your regular Puddle Ducks area.
  • A ‘Courtesy Class’ booking must be made within 6 months of issue.
  •  A ‘Courtesy Class’ can only be attended if a space is available. Should the space be taken by a new customer booking, we reserve the right to cancel the ‘Courtesy Class’, even at short notice. We will send you a text message to inform you if this happens and add a new option for you to book a ‘Courtesy Class’ to your ‘My Puddle Ducks’ online account. This new booking must be
    made within 6 months of issue.
  • We do not provide ‘Courtesy Classes’ for Holiday Class bookings and you are not able to book a ‘Courtesy Class’ as part of a Holiday Class booking

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