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  • National Star Teacher, Winter 2022

    National Star Teacher, Winter 2022

    Congratulations to Rob Tuck from Puddle Ducks South East Wales!

    Rob's nomination was picked by Julie White from Children's Hospital Pyjamas, our national charity partner. Find out why he was nominated and why he won.

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  • Charity Pyjama Week 2022

    Charity Pyjama Week 2022

    Charity Pyjama Week is here once again!

    Three times a year we hold a Pyjama Week, where our swimmers attend lessons in their pyjamas and learn vital lifesaving and personal survival skills, and in our autumn Pyjama Week (10th - 16th October this year), our swimmers raise money for charity.

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  • Why we hold Pyjama Weeks

    Why we hold Pyjama Weeks

    Puddle Ducks Pyjama Week teaches invaluable personal survival skills as well as being lots of fun!

    Three times a year we teach a special lesson plan. Our children (and adults who are in the water) wear their pyjamas to replicate how it would feel to be in the water in your clothes - the most likely scenario if you fell in.

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  • Puddle Ducks at 20

    Puddle Ducks at 20

    Remembering Puddle Ducks' 10th Birthday

    Puddle Ducks celebrates it's 20th birthday this year, and to celebrate, we've been delving into our archives. Here is a blog post written by one of our founders, Tracy Townend, back in 2012 to celebrate our 10th birthday!

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  • National Star Teacher, Summer 2022

    National Star Teacher, Summer 2022

    Congratulations to Jemma Irven from Puddle Ducks Tees Valley!

    Jemma's nomination was picked by Lina Higuita, Centre Manager for Barons Quay in Northwich. Find out why she was nominated and why she won.

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  • Physical benefits of swimming

    Physical benefits of swimming

    How swimming helps your little one's body

    Swimming very famously exercises all parts of the body, but we’ve gone in to detail about how it helps give your little ones healthy lives.

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  • Holiday Swimming Tips

    Holiday Swimming Tips

    Find out how to safely enjoy swimming away from our classes - on holiday or just out on a day trip!

    We often get asked about how to safely enjoy swimming away from our classes, especially on holiday and how to help children retain and gain even more confidence during the long summer break. Read on for more details!

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  • Puddle Ducks is 15!

    Puddle Ducks is 15!

    When Puddle Ducks was founded, Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone didn’t exist, Pluto was still a planet, and a 17-year-old Michael Phelps was 2 years away from his first Olympic gold!

    15 years later, Puddle Ducks is one of the largest swim schools in the UK, teaching just under 20,000 babies, toddlers and children to swim each week in England, Wales and Scotland.

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