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  • Jacob's had a wobble

    Jacob's had a wobble

    Find out what happened when Jacob has 'water wobbles'

    It’s been an amazing Autumn term for Jacob but in the last few weeks he’s had a bit of a wobble. It’s so strange how it can suddenly come on; I remember it happening with Izzy. The difference being this time is that I know it’s just a phase.

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  • Journey Back To Me

    Journey Back To Me

    Vicki Burdon tells her story of becoming a Puddle Ducks teacher.

    After my first son was born I could not bear the idea of returning to my unfulfilling desk job.

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  • Should I give my little one swimming goggles?

    Should I give my little one swimming goggles?

    Do you wonder if you should give goggles to your swimmer?

    “I started off going to baby swimming classes, and we both loved it! Suddenly, my baby swimmer has become a little toddler, a little wilful, and seems far less happy to put his face in the water. Should I buy him some goggles?”

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  • National Star Teacher, Summer 2023

    National Star Teacher, Summer 2023

    Congratulations to Emma Holland from Puddle Ducks Norfolk & Suffolk!

    Emma's nomination was picked by Mike Goody, an Invictus Games gold medal winner and open water swimming/water safety ambassador for the Swimming Teachers Association. Find out why he was nominated and why he won.

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