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Who's who, and where are they teaching?!

  • Pete


    Swim Academy classes-

    Monday Heston Hyde Hotel 

    Saturday Aspire

    "Pete has an outstanding approach with all the kids, they clearly enjoy their lessons. We can see the progress throughout the lessons. My husband and I are both secondary school teachers, and are really happy with his teaching techniques and consistency. We love that he has his lesson plan on the side. We also love that he sticks to the rules and cares about health and safety."

    Monira, Adam's Mummy

  • Andy


    Baby and pre-school classes-

    Monday Strathmore School 

    Saturday Broadwater Primary School

    Sunday Strathmore School 

    "Andy's class is the one John is always most excited about. He engages so well with each child and parent and creates an atmosphere that is light hearted fun and educational. John's confidence and respect for the water has grown significantly since starting Andy's classes a few months ago and it's the only class that John (2 yrs) actually focuses on and listens. Thanks for being our favourite teacher Andy!"

    Alley, John's Mummy

  • Marian


    Baby and pre-school classes-

    Tuesday Broadwater Primary School

    Sunday Broadwater Primary School

    "Marian has been very supportive and a great swimming teacher for my son Arthur. He has become a very confident little swimmer on her guidance."

    Nadia, Arthur's Mummy

  • Sinead


    Baby and pre-school classes-

    Thursday Heston Hyde Hotel 

    Sunday Sellincourt Primary School 

    Swim Academy classes-

    Thursday Heston Hyde Hotel 

    "Sinead is great. I continued with Alana's classes because Sinead makes them fun and not once has Alana ever felt or looked uncomfortable during the classes and she puts us at ease especially when babies go under water."

    Safreena, Alana's Mummy 

  • Maggie


    Baby and pre-school classes-

    Saturday Heston Hyde Hotel 

    Thursday Whiteley Village

    "Maggie has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter Freya over the last few months. Maggie has great energy, is really good company and has a real knack of bringing out the best in Freya - whether that's as part of a class full of other children or on the rare occasions when it's just been Freya in the pool.  She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of difference swimming exercises and builds great rapport with all the children in the pool so far as I can see. Overall I think that she does a great job."

  • Lauren


    Baby and pre-School classes-

    Wednesday Whiteley Village 

    Swim Academy-

    Wednesday Whiteley Village

    "We think Lauren is a fantastic teacher! She adapts to each child depending on their level! She has managed to get Ollie doing things in the water I never thought would happen!"

  • Sara


    Baby and pre-School classes-

    Saturday Riversdale Primary School

    Saturday Aspire Centre

    Sara is our newly qualified Baby and Pre-school Puddle Ducks teacher.

    "Our son was terrified of water. He is gaining confidence and this is due to in very large part to the excellent teacher. Highly Recommended – the difference to our son is amazing."

  • Katie


    Baby and pre-school classes- 

    Saturday Sellincourt Primary School 

    Sunday Riversdale Primary School

    Sunday Aspire Centre

    "Puddle Ducks is the highlight of our week. All the instructors are so knowledgeable and approachable"

  • Monique

    Swim Academy classes-

    Saturday Aspire Centre

    "When my son started Swim Academy, he could swim but wouldn't put his face in the water or jump in. His confidence soared, he achieved his 10m award and mastered many swimming techniques! I would highly recommend these classes to any parents wanting their child to learn in a fun but structured environment which engages children from the second they get in the water until the second they get out!"

    Louise Buck, Drew's Mummy

  • Becky


    "Ever since Becky started teaching my 7.5 month son, Finnegan, I’ve seen his sheer delight at being in the water at each lesson. It’s been wonderful to see him grow more confident in the water and splash about with excitement each time. Becky is patient and encouraging to both mum and baby."

    Laura, Finnegan's mummy

  • Become a Puddle Ducks Teacher!

    Become a Puddle Ducks Teacher!

    Job Vacancies

    Swimming teachers come in all shapes and sizes and are bound together with a complete love of their job and shared experiences. It’s a fabulous job that still gives you plenty of valuable time to spend with your family.

    If you think you've got what it takes to become a Puddle Ducks or Swim Academy teacher, get in touch!

    For details of becoming a swimming teacher or other positions available head over to our Job Vacancies or email Sinead for more information.